Retracing the footsteps of Lorca, Granada’s most celebrated poet, during his centenary year

Granada held a special place in the heart of the artist who once said that if he ever became famous, “half of that fame will belong to Granada, which formed me and made me what I am.

BCSD expands Spanish dual immersion program

Bakersfield City School District has expanded their dual immersion program aimed at providing a bilingual education to both native Spanish and English speakers.

This is why California needs to expand bilingual education

Numerous studies show that fluency in another language boosts students’ mental flexibility and enhances their ability to learn all subjects, including their native language.

Bilingual program becomes Oregon City district magnet school

What began as a small program embedded in a traditional school for the Jennings Lodge neighborhood will this year become a magnet program serving elementary-age students across the Oregon City School District.

Get to know this week's List for the week 31th ending on August 5th, 2018

NPD BookScan, part of the Nielsen Company (US) LLC, and America Reads Spanish (ARS), present the free weekly list of the Spanish bestseller titles in the US market for week 31 of 2018 (week ending 08/05/2018).

Teaching Spanish to your child offers many benefits

Because we live in a global society, children will benefit from knowing more than one language. Specifically, they’ll benefit from learning Spanish.

Library builds Spanish title collection

Meinders Community Library is currently working to grow its Spanish collection with over 60 titles now available

"García Márquez Slept Here" By Lucia Benavides

I had no idea I was living in Gabriel García Márquez’s apartment.

50 Spain books to read

A list of Spain Books for all those who love Spanish food, history and culture.

Santa Fe Public Library presents Spanish/Bi-Lingual Books and Babies

A program for babies 6 months to 2-years-old and their caregivers. It’s never too early to start your child on the road to reading!

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