New Spanish Books Interview with Andrea Montejo

A native of Colombia, Andrea Montejo graduated from the University of Paris-Sorbonne. She started her career in publishing at Harper Collins in New York, where she was one of the founding editors of Rayo, the company’s Latino and Spanish-language imprint.

New Spanish Books Interview with Alane Salierno Mason

Alane Salierno Mason is a senior editor at W. W. Norton & Company. She is an editor at Words Without Borders (WWB), the online magazine for international literature. Mason graduated in 1986 from Carolina with a bachelor of arts degree with honors in creative writing and highest honors in English from the college.

New Spanish Books Interview with Margaret Carson

Margaret Carson is a widely published translator of literature, poetry and essays from Latin America and Spain. Her research and teaching interests focus on translation, issues in gender and translation, visualities in writing, transnational poetry and poetics, and women surrealist artists and writers in mid-twentieth-century Mexico City.

New Spanish Books Interview with Gregory Rabassa

Gregory Rabassa ((March 9, 1922 – June 13, 2016) was an American literary translator from Spanish and Portuguese to English.He taught for many years at Columbia University and Queens College.He received the PEN Translation Prize in 1977 and the PEN/Ralph Manheim Medal for Translation in 1982.

New Spanish Books Interview with Edith Grossman

Edith Grossman, began her career as a literary translator in the early 1970s, when Ronald Christ, then editor of Review, the publication of what was then the Center for Inter-American Relations and is now known as The Americas Society, asked me to translate a story by Macedonio Fernández called La cirugía de la extirpación psíquica.

New Spanish Books Interview with Lisa Rodriguez

She is a freelance translator, French to English and Spanish to English, based in the New York metropolitan area. Her specializations include commercial, medical and academic documents. She translates documents for individuals, small businesses, institutions and translation agencies.

New Spanish Books Interview with Tony Beckwith

He is a writer, translator, interpreter, voice talent and cartoonist. He has lived all over the Spanish speaking world and has translated works by Uruguayan writer Virginia Brown, Panamanian writer Mirie Mouynés, Cuban poet Miguel Miranda as well as medieval songs from Spain, newsreels from Castro's Cuba and television scripts for Telemundo. .


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