Author explores America’s long-standing fascination with Spanish culture and its impact on our own

Albuquerque, N.M. — In terms of college courses, the word “survey” brings to mind a textbook blanketing related subjects under a shared theme.

Register today for HACU's 34th Annual Conference Virtual Conference and Events

The Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities is reformatting its 34th Annual Conference to a virtual format to better serve participants in the current climate and ensure the safety of everyone involved with our conference.

Ester Isel, “La Caixa” Literary Award winner / Young Adult novel.

The writer has been awarded for 'Sueños sin brújula' (Dreams Without a Compass), a novel which deals with themes such as the dark side of social networks, depression and anxiety in young people.

Historical novel: “The First Senator in Rome,” is the most awaited histórical novel for those who are coming back from vacation.

La Esfera de los Libros presents “El primer senador de Roma” (The First Senator in Rome) from Juan Torres Zalba, one of the biggest offerings from the publisher for the return of the summer vacations.

Spanish Publishers Bestsellers

SSpanish Publishers is one of the top providers of Spanish titles in the U.S. Beyond sales, Spanish Publishers conducts author travel programs connecting authors with readers.

The latest “History of The Spanish Armada” renews a tale of worldwide adventure.

A publication from the Ministry of Defence, free in PDF format, summarizes from its beginning the great maritime epic of our country to date. The history of Spain will not be the same without the sea.

America Reads Spanish Newsletter is available online!

July's issue 2020, is now available with exciting news about America Reads Spanish!

Two new Spanish bookstores receive the Seal of Quality

The two bookstores that have obtained the seal are: La Farándula de Novelda and La Montaña Mágica in Cartagena.

Coors Light selects HACU director for its 2020 Líderes Campaign

Coors Light will recognize twelve individuals for its 2020 Líderes campaign, Richard Montez, staff member of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities is among the finalists in the Coors Light Líderes campaign, through which he will be honored for his work as a leader in the community.

20 Must-Read Books Set in Spain by Spanish Authors

It’s always been the case that when I travel, I like to read novels that are region-specific. That’s been true for a long time; but in the last few years, as I became more aware of the lack of translated literature and the need to read more diversely,.. Leah Rachel Von Essen Jul 30, 2020

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