Alejo Carpentier

A Cuban novelist, musicologist and music and theater critic, Carpentier was born in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1904 but spent his early childhood in Havana.

Alfredo Bryce Echenique

Born Feb. 19, 1939 in Lima, Peru. Bryce Echenique’s first book, Huerto cerrado, was published in 1965.

Antonio Álamo

Spanish writer born in 1964 in Córdoba, Spain. His work Breve historia de la inmortalidad won the 1996 Lengua de Trapo Narrative Prize and gained him recognition as a novelist Álamo’s works have been included in the short story collections Páginas Amarillas and Daños colaterales.

Antonio Buero Vallejo

Antonio Considered the most important Spanish playwright of the post-Civil War era, Buero Vallejo was born in the central city of Guadalajara in 1916 and died in Madrid in 2000.

Bernardo Atxaga

Bernardo Atxaga, the pseudonym of Joseba Irazu, is a poet and novelist who was born in the northern Spanish town of Asteasu and is considered the most representative figure in Basque literature.

Camilo José Cela

Born in Spain on May 11, 1916, Cela was a novelist, poet, columnist and author of blindman’s ballads and unforgettable travel diaries, as well as a member of the Cervantes Institute’s Board of Trustees since its founding.

Dámaso Alonso

A Spanish poet, philologist, literary critic and historian born in Madrid in 1898, Alonso served as director of the Real Academia de España (Royal Spanish Academy) from 1968 to 1982 and was awarded the Cervantes Prize in 1978.

Federico Andahazi

Andahazi is a prizewinning Argentine writer who was born in Buenos Aires in 1963. His works "Las piadosas" and "Por encargo" won awards at the Saint Thomas of Aquinas Institute’s national short-story contest. He is the son of Bela Andahazi, an aristocratic Hungarian poet and psychoanalyst, and Juana Merlín, of Russian-Jewish ancestry (Wilkipedia)

Felipe Benítez Reyes

Benítez Reyes is a Spanish poet, novelist, translator and essayist who was born in the southern town of Rota in 1960 and is considered one of the most influential figures in contemporary Spanish literature.

Felix Bayón

Author, Journalist. He was born in Cádiz, Andalucia, Spain. He developed a prolific career as journalist for the newspaper "El País" from his foundation. Also, he worked for "Le Monde" and "Diario de Málaga."

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