Bilingual Poetry Reading

Saturday, September 26 at 3:00 pm

Antonio Fontana wins the 2020 Café Gijón Novel Prize with “Hasta aquí hemos llegado” (We Have Come This Far).

Literary Awards Sustain the Market

The controversial case of EspasaEsPoesía and the young man Rafael Cabaliere, who has a huge following on social networks, hides a publishing business model in which the sales of the “rigged” awards are essential to maintain the diversity of the cultural offer.

This November Editorial Planeta will publish "La ciudad de vapor", (The City of Steam), a book of short stories by Carlos Ruiz Zafón.

Miguel Delibes – Intimate portrait of a universal writer.

“Nothing is more difficult than simplicity,” Miguel Delibes said. “The same as in life.” If there was something that Miguel Delibes inspired, it was simplicity.

Audiobook Subscriptions: Audible and Podimo Join Storytel in Spain

Quickly jumping from one to three major unlimited-subscription services for audio content, Spain’s publishing market for streaming is growing fast, says Dosdoce consultant Javier Celaya.

Spanish-speaking writers are producing ambitious science fiction and fantasy. Let these books be your introduction.

What Hispanic Heritage Month means and how anyone can celebrate it.

Sept. 15 marks the official start of the annual observance.

Spain’s Liber20 Prizes: Elkar Bookstores, Netflix’s ‘El Vecino,’ and ZendaLibros

The Liber20 awards from the Spanish Federation of Publishers’ Guilds this year go to a Basque Country bookselling chain, a graphic novel adapted to television, and a literary site.

42 must-read books for Hispanic Heritage Month, recommended by Arizona experts

Hispanic Heritage Month begins sept. 15.

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