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Emma Thompson We can all agree that one of the greatest British actresses of the moment is Emma Thompson, a dame that can…

That is what she plays in her new movie Late Night, written by Mindy Kaling and directed by Nisha Ganatra. In the story, Emma Thompson plays a veteran late-night talk-show host that hasn’t kept up with the changing television landscape.


Russell Crowe When one meets an actor of the caliber of Russell Crowe interpreting a conflictive character and substance as…

however we are facing one of the best interpretations of Crowe in years. This actor, with an Oscar for the movie Gladiator, gets into the shoes of the CEO of Fox, the right hand of the tycoon Rupert Murdoch.


Bryan Cranston Bryan Cranston’s journey as an award-winning and critically acclaimed actor has been anything but linear.

Long before he ascended to the top of his profession, Cranston faced no shortage of personal and professional challenges until the success of Breaking Bad, the show that changed his life.


Rebel Wilson She is one of the biggest stars of the new Hollywood, Rebel Wilson just made the movie The Hustle with Anne…

With more than a dozen movies coming out, Wilson, who was a sensation with the trilogy Pitch Perfect, confesses her passion for the Spanish culture and her wonderful experience shooting The Hustle in Majorca where she was lucky to meet the Spanish tennis icon Rafael Nadal.


Keanu Reeves Keanu Reeves is one of those stars that don’t play the game of Hollywood. Hidden in his world is difficult…

Always traveling, building motorcycles or exploring for the last private tasting, this actor is a star that very soon will premiere the movie John Wick 3. During the promotion of the film, we had time to talk to him about his passion for reading and of course if he would speak some Spanish with us.


Peter Dinklage The last season of Game of Thrones opens. The popular show, adapted from the books of George R.R.

Martin, rampaging on the television dripping blood. Giving life to the hard and skilled Tyrion Lannister the actor Peter Dinklage has become the celebrity of the moment on the small screen.


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