HACU: 2019 Calendar of Events

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Celebrate Reading in Two Languages: A Bilingual Booklist. Celebremos la Lectura en dos Idiomas.

Books make wonderful memories – especially when you share them with someone you care about! Take a look at the young people in your life, then find a book to share – perhaps as a gift or reading aloud to (or along with) them this season and all year long.

"Lectura fácil" (Easy reading) by Cristina Morales, the latest Herralde de Novela prize winner, is published

"Lectura fácil" is a radical, visceral, combative and feminine portrait of our society. A powerful literary device that takes the novel one step beyond its limits.

Francisco Narla: “The world was already global in the thirteenth century”.

An interview with the author of the novel “Laín. El bastardo” (Laín. The Bastard). Francisco Narla is a writer who is, without a doubt, deeply unique.

"El último romántico" (The Last Romantic), the long-awaited sequel to "Guardianes de la Alhambra" by Carolina Molina arrives

Through the pages of "El último romántico" by Carolina Molina, we will relive transcendental historical events, such as the coronation of José Zorrilla as the National Poet at the Palace of Carlos V,

The RAE (Royal Spanish Academy) presents its 'Style Book', designed for "digital writers"

The pan-Hispanic manual includes recommendations to the media on pronunciation and tips for communication in social networks.

The writer and journalist Raquel de la Morena wins the Fifth Titania Romantic Novel Award with "¿Quién diablos eres?" ("Who the hell are you?)

On November 21, the author of the play "¿Quién diablos eres?" (provisional title) was announced the winner of the Fifth Titania Award.

TodoLiteratura interviews Fernando Martínez Laínez: "History is made by men and their leaders"

“LA BATALLA” (The Battle). Thus, with capital letters, Fernando Martínez Laínez entitled the second installment of the trilogy "La senda de los tercios."

Storytel in Spain

Creating original serialized content—like Amazon Prime and Netflix have done in video—is one key to success for audiobook subscription services, says Storytel España’s report.

Isabel Allende, first female writer in Spanish to receive the National Book Award.

"She is the first Spanish author to receive this award and the second one not born in the US," said Mexican writer Luis Alberto Urrea.

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