Carlos Edmundo de Ory, the Strangest of Poets

An essay defends the founder of Postism. Professor José Manuel García Gil signs a study which deeply analyzes one of the most unusual and suggestive poets of the 20th century.

The 2018 Lazarillo Awards

This award, the oldest in young adult and children's literature, was first announced in 1958.

Pictures From Madrid: Spain’s Unique Casa del Lector and Its Intensive Focus on Reading

Built on the site of Madrid’s former industrial slaughterhouse complex, today’s Casa del Lector is filled with the joyous yelps of children meeting storytellers and the reading public encountering exhibitions on reading’s past and future.

Why some parents choose bilingual education for their children

When the time came for Caroline Parr to send her daughter Hazel to preschool, she chose an approach that has earned some scholarly support but is still rare in South Carolina: bilingual education.

Bookseller to offer books in Spanish

TULSA — Educational Development Corp. and Usborne Publishing, Ltd. on Friday announced plans to publish an extensive range of Spanish language titles for the US market.

America Reads Spanish newsletter is available online!

June's issue 2018, is now available with exciting news about America Reads Spanish!

Get to know this week's List for the week 25th ending on June 24th, 2018

NPD BookScan, part of the Nielsen Company (US) LLC, and America Reads Spanish (ARS), present the free weekly list of the Spanish bestseller titles in the US market for week 25 of 2018 (week ending 06/24/2018).

Success of the participation of America Reads Spanish in ALA 2018

Another year, America Reads Spanish was supporting the librarians in their most important fair. ALA 2018 took place in New Orleans, a city with Spanish roots and which is celebrating its 300th anniversary with celebrations and exhibitions of its cultural heritage and especially the Spanish contribution to the American Revolution.

Galician author Xabier P. Docampo, winner of the National Prize for Children's Literature, passed away early this morning at the age of 72.

Xabier P. Docampo, winner of the Premio Nacional de Literatura Infantil (National Prize for Children's Literature), and one of the great restorers of literature aimed at these ages, passed away this morning at the age of 72, .....

“Olvidado Rey Gudú [Gudu, the Forgotten King]”, the novel that brought Ana María Matute out of the dark

The author, Ana Maria Matute, traveled all over the world. She was a highly-acclaimed literary figure, with considerable and highly-valued work to back her up.

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