New Releases from Ediciones Encuentro

Ediciones Encuentro is a Spanish publisher founded in Madrid in May 1978. Encuentro has an extensive experience and expertise in the fields of philosophy, theology, art, literature, essays, biography, science and much more.

New Releases from Ediciones de la Torre

Ediciones de la Torre is a small publishing house founded in 1976 and represents the need and the pleasure of reading good books: contemporary works, classics, science fiction, horror....etc.

New Releases from Editorial Corimbo

Editorial Corimbo is an independent publishing house founded in 1998 in Barcelona. They are specialized in illustrated children's books.

New Releases from Anaya Infantil y Juvenil

Anaya Infantil y Juvenil publishes high quality illustrated children's books. It belongs to Hachette España, a leading educational publisher.

New Releases Bulletin #26 from Editorial Milenio

Editorial Milenio (Milenio Publicaciones, Ltd.) was created in 1996 by Lluís Pagès Marigot,. It has published since then 700 books divided in twenty collections.

New Releases from Ediciones de Aquí (EDA Libros)

Ediciones de Aquí was founded by Fernando Mateo and Francisco Javier Torres in 2001. Fernando Mateo is a bookbinder and a curator of old books and some bibliographical works.

E-Catalogs from Ediciones Pirámide

Ediciones Pirámide was founded in 1973 by Grupo Anaya. They publish academic, technical and professional books. These titles are divided in four catalogs.

New Releases E-Catalog from Editorial Anagrama

Anagrama is a Spanish publisher founded in 1969 by Jorge Herralde. The publisher awards two literary prizes a year: the Anagrama Essay Prize and the Herralde Novel Prize.

E-Catalog from RBA Libros - Children Books

RBA is an independent, 100% Spanish-owned communications group founded in 1991 by Ricardo Rodrigo. It has established itself in the book publishing industry, currently ranking fifth among Spanish groups.

E-Catalog from Fragmenta Editorial

Fragmenta Editorial is ian independent publishing house that publishes classic and essais. These books are intended to everyone.

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