10 of the Best Contemporary Spanish Authors

Spain’s literary output is both exciting and prolific. New works are continually produced by heavyweights such as Javier Marías, while up-and-coming authors are rising to the limelight thanks to a crop of independent publishers.

ARCE's Bulletin January 17th 2020

The Association of Cultural Magazines from Spain offers more than 90 cultural magazines on literature, visual and performing arts, political thought, social sciences, photography, design and architecture.

Garland ISD launches Spanish Spelling Bee

Garland ISD recently launched a new spelling bee, and for the first time in the district’s history they hosted a Spanish Spelling Bee in addition to the English Spelling Bee Tuesday.

Dónde Está Tu Lunchbox? How Spanglish Brings Two Languages Together.

In the latest installment of our monthly series, "Texan Translation," we examine the ways that English and Spanish combine to form what's known as Spanglish.

Interview with Carolina Molina: “We will never really know how much Galdós contributed to Spanish literature.”

Carolina Molina has published the historical novel Los ojos de Galdós just in time for the 100th anniversary of the death of Don Benito Pérez Galdós.

The three finalists of the Library Award for Colombian Narrative have been announced.

Juan Gabriel Vasquez, William Ospina and Piedad Bonett are the award hopefuls. Canciones para el inciendo (Alfaguara, 2019) by Juan Gabriel Vásquez; Donde nadie me espere (Alfaguara, 2018) by Piedad Bonnett;

Manolito Gafotas will celebrate 25 years with the series Made in Hollywood

Elvira Lindo is also working on the ninth book of the series. Manolito Gafotas came into our lives in 1994 under the Alfaguara Publishers.

10 Best Websites to Buy Books in Spanish

As a bilingual teacher and mom of five bilingual kids, I own a wide variety of books. When browsing Scholastic’s monthly ‘Club Leo,’ there is always something new but most of the texts are translated from popular English book series.

Writer Isabel-Clara Simó dies at the age of 76

Author of over 50 books. In 2017 was awarded with the Premi d'Honor de les Lletres Catalanes (Honorary Award of the Catalan language).

El Cultural Magazine Presents Spanish fiction 2019: a list of selected titles by the critics

El Cultural is a Spanish weekly publication specialized in cultural news, lyrics, arts, cinema and science. The magazine was founded in 1998 by Luis María Ansón, president at the time of Spanish newspaper "La Razón".

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