Supporting bilingual students during pandemic

Monterey takes pride in the linguistic diversity that can be found in the city from physical representations on sidewalks in various languages such as Spanish, Mandarin, French (and others) to bringing people from around the globe to learn foreign languages at the Defense Language Institute.

TodoLiteratura speaks with Spanish writer Javier Sierra: “Viruses are a challenge to our knowledge.”

Javier Sierra, (Teruel, 1971) writer, journalist and director of televisión series, publishes “The Message of Pandora.”

The 33rd edition of La Semana Negra (The Noir Week) has survived COVID-19

The Semana Negra (Noir Week) of Gijón opened last Friday, where 90 writers of different literary genres will participate in the workshops. The events, starting on July 3rd, and lasting until July 12th, will take place under controlled mesures such as social distancing and other cautionary guidelines.

Premios Lorna. Awards from the Celsius 232 Festival, 2020 Edition

The third edition of the Premios Lorna is organized by the Celsius 232 Festival since 2018. Awards are given to the best comics of the previous year in the categories of science fiction, fantasy and terror.

The 60th Edition of Premios Lazarillo have been awarded in Madrid to Jordi Sierra i Fabra and Carmen López López.

The award ceremony should have taken place on April 2nd, during the Día del Libro Infantil y Juvenil (Children and Young Adult Book Day), but again, due to the Corona virus pandemic, the event had to be postponed to July 2nd.

The hidden cosmopolitan life of Ramón de la Serna

A book with an abundant unpublished material rescues the unknown author; a member of the Generación del 14 and a son of Concha Espina, with whom he maintained a complicated relationship.

EL PAIS puts together a collection of children’s classics

“The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” is the first of these books, published by Alfaguara, that will be available next Sunday.

July 23, Book Day. #Todo empieza en una libreria. (Everything starts in a bookstore).

The book industry comes together to celebrate a very special Book Day on July 23. This is the way to celebrate a day that had to be posponed because of the Coronavirus crisis.

Coronavirus Impact: Spain’s Publishers Open a Two-Front Strategy

The Spanish publishing industry has gained new clarity on where it stands with the Pedro Sánchez government and is ratcheting up its demands for recognition and assistance in the pandemic.

According to newspaper El Confidencial these are the top 10 History Books on Ancient Rome and the Fall of the Roman Empire

Roman myths and legends are some of the greatest ever conceived. The bibliography of Ancient Rome is endless.

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