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La Lectora Futura is the central hub for the publishing industry professionals and readers; is also a web-based project designed to bring together fans of literature from Spain, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.

The historian Xosé Manuel Núñez Seixas, National Essay Prize

For outlining a history of Spanish nationalism in its many currents in “Suspiros de España (Sighs of Spain). Spanish Nationalism 1808-2018”.

Galdós rekindles his value

The year 2020 will mark one hundred years since the death of the greatest Spanish novelist after Cervantes. An exhibition and a biography precede the commemorations of the narrator and playwright.

Mariana Enriquez wins the Herralde Award with a "monster" novel

“Nuestra parte de noche” (Our Part of the Night) uses the Gothic genre to travel through London from the sixties and Argentina from the following decades.

6 Book Recommendations and Literary Reviews from Babelia (El País)

Babelia is the cultural magazine of "El País", a Spanish-language daily newspaper based in Madrid (Spain) and it is owned by the Spanish media conglomerate PRISA.

This Week Bestsellers Books in Spanish - Barnes & Noble

Get to know the best selling books in Spanish through the Barnes & Noble bookstore.

This Week Bestsellers Books in Spanish - Amazon

Amazon bookstore. These are the Amazon top ten titles. The most popular products based on sales. Updated hourly.

America Reads Spanish newsletter is available online!

October's issue 2019, is now available with exciting news about America Reads Spanish!

A translator to increase Cervantes Exports

The publishing business depends a great deal on the Hispanic markets. Funds for translations are the basic element in order to reach more countries.

Pilar Pallarés, National Poetry Award 2019

The panel has highlighted her work, “Tempo Fósil” (Fossil Time) because it transmits with profound knowledge the sadness for the loss and destruction of experiences lived.”

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