A Spanish writer born in Ferrol in 1963.

Beccaria holds a PhD in Spanish philology and is a lexicographer who has worked as a linguist at the Royal Spanish Academy since 1987.

BÉCQUER, Gustavo Adolfo

Born Feb. 17, 1836 in Seville, Spain, Becquer during his youth wrote literary articles and dedicated himself to painting frescoes.


A Spanish playwright and critic who was born in Madrid in 1866, Benavente first gained recognition with a series of women’s letters titled Cartas de mujeres (1893) and the comic play El nido ajeno (1894).


Benítez Reyes is a Spanish poet, novelist, translator and essayist who was born in the southern town of Rota in 1960 and is considered one of the most influential figures in contemporary Spanish literature.

BERCEO, Gonzalo de

Gonzalo De Berceo was a Spanish poet who was born near the end of the 12up>th century in the Riojan village of Berceo and whose writings have been traced back to 1220.

BOLAÑO, Roberto

Born in Santiago, Chile in 1953.

Bolaño was one of Latin America’s foremost contemporary authors.

He lived a nomadic existence in his youth, living at different times in Chile, Mexico (working there as a journalist at age 15), El Salvador, France and Spain, where he took on a number of humble jobs such as dishwasher, security guard and garbage collector.


A Spanish writer and journalist born in Jerez de la Frontera in 1966.

Bonilla’s first book, Veinticinco años de éxitos, published in 1993, is a compilation of his best journalistic articles. That same year, Bonilla published Minifundios, his first book of short stories and in 1994 he released El que apaga la luz

BORGES, Jorge Luis

Jorge Luis Borges was born in Buenos Aires on Aug. 24, 1899.

Considered one of Latin America’s foremost literary figures, he was especially known for his inventive short stories, fictive essays and poetry.

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