Antonio Buero Vallejo

Antonio Considered the most important Spanish playwright of the post-Civil War era, Buero Vallejo was born in the central city of Guadalajara in 1916 and died in Madrid in 2000.

He won the Lope de Vega prize in 1949 for his theatrical work titled Historia de una escalera and that same year was awarded a prize by the Amigos de los Quinteros Association for his one-act play Las palabras en la arena.

He was regularly involved in literary and intellectual activities, traveling the world to give lectures and participate in debates and colloquiums.

Some of his most admired works include adaptations of plays by Shakespeare, Ibsen and Bertolt Brecht. Major works of Buero Vallejo’s include La ardiente oscuridadLa tejedora de sueños,  El sueño de la razónLa doble historia del doctor Valmy and Jueces en la noche

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