Dámaso Alonso

A Spanish poet, philologist, literary critic and historian born in Madrid in 1898, Alonso served as director of the Real Academia de España (Royal Spanish Academy) from 1968 to 1982 and was awarded the Cervantes Prize in 1978.

Alonso, who studied law, philosophy and literature, was also a renowned literary critic, anthologist and translator.

He was a member of the Royal Academy of History and a lecturer and recipient of honorary degrees at several universities in Europe and theAmericas.

His most significant works of poetry include Poemas puros, Poemillas de la ciudad, El viento y el verso, Hijos de la ira, Hombre y Dios, Gozos de la vista and Duda y amor sobre el Ser Supremo.

He died in Madrid in 1990.




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