ASTURIAS, Miguel Angel

Miguel Ángel Asturias Miguel Ángel Asturias, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1967, was born in Guatemala City in 1899.

ATXAGA, Bernardo

Bernardo Atxaga, the pseudonym of Joseba Irazu, is a poet and novelist who was born in the northern Spanish town of Asteasu and is considered the most representative figure in Basque literature.


A Spanish philosopher, writer and editor, Azpeitia was born in Madrid in 1962.

He has published four novels: Mesalina. Domina Cutis Candidae Vt Lepra; Francisco de Quevedo. Acariciad la tumba y monumento; Hipnosand Ariadna en Naxos.


An acclaimed Spanish writer born in San Sebastián in 1872, Baroja was born into a distinguished family of journalists and printers.


A Spanish writer born in Madrid in 1962.

Barrios is a doctor of philosophy, journalist and regular contributor to various news media.

BAYON, Felix

A Spanish journalist and writer, Bayón was born in the southern city of Cádiz in 1952.


A Spanish writer born in Ferrol in 1963.

Beccaria holds a PhD in Spanish philology and is a lexicographer who has worked as a linguist at the Royal Spanish Academy since 1987.

BÉCQUER, Gustavo Adolfo

Born Feb. 17, 1836 in Seville, Spain, Becquer during his youth wrote literary articles and dedicated himself to painting frescoes.


A Spanish playwright and critic who was born in Madrid in 1866, Benavente first gained recognition with a series of women’s letters titled Cartas de mujeres (1893) and the comic play El nido ajeno (1894).


Benítez Reyes is a Spanish poet, novelist, translator and essayist who was born in the southern town of Rota in 1960 and is considered one of the most influential figures in contemporary Spanish literature.

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