The Core Spanish Collection for Children and Young Adults 2011

This book offers a compilation of literary and reference texts destined for Spanish readers of various ages, ranging from those who are being introduced to books and the language, but still haven’t learned to read autonomously and individually, to those who are already proficient in Spanish and are about to commence their university studies.

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As such, the book consists of a variety of appropriate works selected by prestigious organizations from the Americas and Spain that have been dedicated to this work for many years and comprise professionals whose objective is to transform the school experience by means of the books that the publishers make available to readers, as well as professors and librarians who trust in the transformative power of literature to inculcate hope, insight and wisdom in readers and to improve relations between diverse peoples, and who are dedicated to making a better world through books.

Each reader is unique and therefore hopes or abilities cannot be generalized. Ages, subjects, introductions, and the great diversity of themes that an educator transmits using the reading of books as a starting point admits regulation by those who have extensive experience with books. We are professionals who believe in the reading of books and we want those who accompany us to enjoy books as we do.

This book contains certain guidelines, or useful classifications, that facilitate the taking of decisions, always based on prior knowledge and labor, by those who are most familiar with the children and young adults who form part of our daily life.

By means of this guide, we have tried to ensure that its structure not prejudice or hinder the final objective of creating new readers; that educators and librarians find appropriate books on a wide range of topics for all reading levels and ages; that our recommendations result in the pleasure that literature often generates in human beings.

The following information about each recommended book is included:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Illustrator
  • Publisher and year of publication
  • ISBN
  • Recommended age of readers

In accordance to the type of book, the following additional information is made available:

Whether the book is fiction or nonfiction, and if the former, a further classification of poetry, drama, short story or novel.
Also included are a brief summary of each book and the author of each corresponding entry.

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