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Featuring the newest releases for public libraries.

Grupo Anaya

Find out the latest releases from Grupo Anaya's publishers, for this week.

Grupo Anaya

March newsletter brings the latest releases from Alianza Editorial, Anaya Infantil y Juvenil, Anaya Touring, Barcanova, Bóveda, Bruño, Cátedra, Larousse, Oberon, Pirámide, Tecnos, Vox and Xerais. Plus a section on Juio Cortázar's centenary, digital library and the first century of the First Word War.

Arce, Boletín de Noticias Culturales

The latest newsletter features Arce presence in ARCO fair in Madrid, among other news. Plus the latest issues of magazines such as “Visual,” “Arte y Parte,” “Abaco,” “Academia Revista del Cine Español,” and many more.

Akal Grupo Editorial

The publisher is releasing “La Mina,” “Dichos y hechos de Alfonso, rey de Aragón,” “La rebelión de los Catalanes” and “La industria del Holocausto”.

RC Libros

See the latest technology titles released.

Anaya Ñ ELE

The 2014 Spanish as a second language catalog is now available.

Arce, Boletín de Revistas Culturales

In the latest newsletter, Arce unveils its new webpage design, features the Enrique Ferrán award winner and the 15th anniversary of Letras Libres magazine. Plus the latest issues of magazines such as “Dardo,” “ADE-Teatro,” “Sistema,” and “Caimán cuadernos de cine,” and many more.

Grupo Planeta

Editorial Planeta Mexicana presents its new releases, including Planeta Prize 2013's “El cielo ha vuelto” (Heaven has Returned) by Clara Sánchez; “Max” by Sarah Cohen-Scali; “Mamá, te quiero zen” (Mom, I love you Zen) by Ana Paula Domínguez and Lourdes Botello, and more.

Grupo Anaya

Publisher presents February releases by Algaida, Alianza Editorial, Anaya, Anaya Ele, Anaya Multimedia, Anaya Touring, Barcanova, Bruño, Cátedra, Larousse, Pirámide, Puntos de Fuga, Tecnos, Vox and Xerais.

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