VALLE-INCLAN, Ramon Maria del

Valle-Inclán was a Spanish novelist, poet, playwright, short-story writer, essayist and journalist who was born in the city of Villanueva de Arosa in 1866.

He entered law school in Santiago de Compostela, but interrupted his studies to travel toMexico, where he worked as a journalist.

Valle-Inclán’s first book was Femeninas, which was published in 1895. That was followed by works such as Flor de santidad, the book of poetry Aromas de leyendaÁguila de blasón,Romance de lobosCara de plataLos cruzados de la causa, El resplandor de la hoguera andGerifaltes de antaño. Tirano Banderas, which was published in 1926, is considered his best novel. Valle-Inclán died in January 1936.


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