A poet, playwright, novelist and translator, Segovia was born in Valencia, Spain in 1927 and in his youth lived with his family in France, Morocco and later Mexico.

He studied philosophy and literature at the National Autonomous University of Mexico and in 1957 became a professor at that same institution, where he also directed a literary magazine.

Segovia published his first poems in 1950 and that same year was the recipient of a Guggenheim scholarship. He also has been a professor at Princeton University and the editor of respected U.S. and European magazines.

He has written some 20 books of poetry, including La luz provisional,  Apariciones, Cuaderno delnómada, Cantata a solas, Lapso, Noticia natural and Fiel imagen.

Segovia has won the Xavier Villaurrutia and Magda Donato prizes as well as the Alfonso X translation award and the Octavio Paz prize in 2000. Links:

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