PITOL, Sergio

Born in the city of Puebla in 1933, Pitol studied law and philosophy in Mexico’s capital.

Pitol is known for his range of cultural contributions in the areas of literary creation, academia and diplomacy.

He was a university professor in Xalapa, Mexico and Bristol, England and served in the Mexican foreign service in Warsaw, Budapest, Paris, Moscow and Prague.

A democratic socialist and agnostic, Pitol has said that misfortune, illness and isolation are responsible for forging his particular literary style, which he has defined as a type of indirect autobiography that merges life and literature.

His works include No hay tal lugar, Infierno de todos, Los climas, El tañido de una flauta, Asimetría,Nocturno de Bujara, Cementerio de tordos, Juegos florales, El desfile del amor, Domar a la divina garza,Vals de Mefisto, La casa de la tribu, La vida conyugal and El arte de la fuga. Among Pitol’s writings one finds autobiographical accounts, descriptions of dreams about his dog, diary fragments, reflections on art, articles about current issues, travel accounts and tributes to his favorite authors.




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