DIEGO, Gerardo

Born on October 3, 1896 in Santander, Spain, Diego was a professor of language and literature who formed part of a vanguard of poets known as the Generation of ’27.

A co-recipient of the National Prize for Literature in 1925 along with Rafael Alberti, Diego also produced the two versions of the famed Antología de poesía that brought attention to the works of his peers.

His first book of poetry, El romancero de la novia, was published in 1920 and was followed by numerous other works including Manual de espumas Poemas adrede,  Ángeles de Compostela and Amor solo.

Diego was also a literary, music and bullfighting critic, as well as a columnist for several newspapers. He became a member of the Royal Spanish Academy in 1947 and was awarded the Cervantes Prize for his entire body of work in 1979.

He died on July 8, 1987 in Madrid.




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