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Luis García Jambrina

El manuscrito de nieve
(The Snow Manuscript)
288pp.     PB       $12.99

BISAC: Fiction / Mystery / Historical

Trim size: 5” x 7½”

Alberto Granados

La historia más curiosa
(History’s Extraordinary Stories)
256pp.       PB       $9.99

BISAC: History / General

Social Science / Popular Culture
Trim size: 5” x 7½”

After his adventures in the award-winning El manuscrito de piedra, law-student-cum-detective Fernando de Rojas is tasked with solving the strange murder of a student at the University of Salamanca. Following his quest for the truth, the reader will wander through every corner in a city where nothing is as it seems; where past crimes threaten to unleash a war. Set in late fifteenth-century Salamanca, this sharp, imaginative and ironic tale is a study on friendship, equality, and the study of Humanism in a time of hatred, discrimination, and savagery. Filled with a cast of unforgettable characters, it is also homage to the author of La Celestina.

Since the beginning of times, human beings have felt the need to understand the lives of our ancestors and the way in which the events of the past have shaped our present. With the passing of time, modern historians’ new discoveries clash with accepted testimonies. Did Christopher Columbus really travel with three ships? Was Cleopatra the most beautiful queen of Egypt? Has anyone ever escaped from Alcatraz? Was George Washington the first US President? Alberto Granados collects a series of legends, myths, and previously unknown figures that will awaken our thirst for knowledge. La historia más curiosa is a must-have for all history lovers.

Elena Moya

Los olivos de Belchite
(The Olive Groves of Belchite)
448pp.     PB       $12.99

BISAC: Fiction / Historical
Trim size: 5” x 7½”

Winner of the 2011 Commonwealth Writers' Prize for Best Book. In the capital hospital of a war-devastated Sierra Leone, a gifted young surgeon is plagued by demons. Elsewhere in the hospital lies a man who was young during the country's turbulent postcolonial years. As past and present intersect in the buzzing city, they are drawn unwittingly closer by a British psychiatrist, and into the path of one woman at the center of their stories. A work of extraordinary writing and rare wisdom, The Memory of Love seamlessly weaves together the lives of these three men to create a powerful story of loss, absolution, and the indelible effects of the past—and, at the end of it all, the very nature of love.

The olive groves of Belchite rise fed by the blood-soaked land left behind by the Spanish Civil War. Roving from the deep shadows of the war that changed the face of Spain to the financial wars of today’s global economy, Los olivos de Belchite tells the story of how the past can plague our lives, and of the battles that must be waged once the fighting has ended. Multi-layered and impeccably paced, the novel unfolds at a galloping stride between Spain and the United Kingdom, between, vineyards and olive groves, merging periods and topics within the framework of an unexpected love story. Elena Moya’s masterful tale is the saga of three women who confronted Franquismo and its vestiges.

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