Children/Young: El Carnaval de los animales

Author: Dani coma
-Bellaterra Música
-US Release Date: 01-01-2011
-Reviewed by:Teresa Mlawer
-Review Release:August 24, 2012

El carnaval de los animales (The Carnival of The Animals) was written by the French composer, Camille Saint-Saens in 1886 as a symphonic poem for the entertainment of his friends at Carnival time. 

This book adaptation by Dani Coma, and cleverly illustrated by Subi, starts with the lion, king of the animal kingdom, in a musical parade of different animals. 

The book is accompanied by a CD that includes an adaptation of the music that Saint-Saens composed for this symphony. It also includes cards with drawings of the main animal characters presented in the book for children to learn and play. Bellaterra Música, as its name indicates, is a publisher whose mission is to instill in children the love for the printed word and music. I like many of the works they publish.