Children/Young: El soldado de plomo

Author: Page Tsou
-Ediciones S.M.
-US Release Date: 02-22-2012
-Reviewed by:Teresa Mlawer
-Review Release:August 23, 2012

This is a truly captivating modern adaptation of The Little Tin Soldier by Hans Christian Andersen. Beautifully illustrated by Page Tsou, this book received the International Award for Illustration at the Bologna Book Fair 2011.

Readers will not only enjoy reading this classic with a modern twist, but will delight in the rich settings that illustrate every single page of this beautiful love story between the Little Tin Soldier and his beloved ballerina. Readers will be transported as they follow the journey of the Little Tin Solder from the time he is blown out of the windowsill into the street below by a strong gust, and his incredible adventures in land and sea, until he is finally reunited with his beloved ballerina.