Puta no soy

Author: Charo Izquierdo
- Fiction
- Gallus
- ISBN: 9788483569665
- Release Date: 06-30-2015
-Reviewed by: Enriqueta Larrea

White slavery is one of the most degrading and debasing of what should NOT happen in the civilized world during the 21st century.  I recommend this book not because of the writing, although that was excellent and realistic, but because of the importance of the content matter.

White slavery, also called people slavery, because of the involvement of men and boys, subjects almost five million women and girls within its world-wide web.  It involves child prostitution, child pornography and child sex tourism, and many other despicable acts such as forced prostitution and forced marriage, all of which are considered crimes against humanity.

This book deals with two stories simultaneously.  One of the stories involves Luna, also the subject of the documentary Chicas nuevas 24 horas (New Girls 24 Hours) directed by Mabel Lozano which takes place in the Madre de Dios section of southeastern Peru, where twenty percent of the victims are girls and adolescents.  She is “sold” to the owner of a prostibar, such as bars that serve as houses of ill repute are called in mining towns in Peru; she is raped, and suffers indignities perpetrated by her caficho and miners *her clients) alike.  Her story is told in graphic detail, crude language, no holds barred, which makes it only more realistic and heart-wrenching.  This is not a book for the faint-hearted, or for those who prefer reality veiled in soft terminology, or even for those who are upset by foul language.

The second story is the story of Julia, who happens to lead a perfectly ‘normal’ life as a television emcee, albeit her unhappiness in loving a married man who will probably never make her his wife, as she would prefer.  She is also Peruvian by birth and visits her country with some friends who are going to expose the many women and children who form part of the white slavery in that country.

What happens to both Luna and Julia is what makes this book worth reading.  For the sake of not giving the story away, I will refrain from telling, but I can assure you, you will not feel disappointed.

I would highly recommend Puta no soy by Charo Izquierdo.



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