Children/Young: Candela y el misterio de la puerta entreabierta

Author: Reyes Martínez
- Children/Young
- Bambú
- ISBN: 9788483433942
- Release Date: 03-01-2017


Candela always passes in front of a house covered with vines on her way home from school. The old mansion has been abandoned for so long that it must be concealing some sort of mystery. She has kept her distance, fearfully quickening her pace, but today a disturbing detail has called her attention: the glass door to the first-floor balcony is ajar. And if that isn’t enough, she also seems to hear a whispering voice. Is there someone in the house? Curiosity can be more powerful than fear, and Candela obeys her instinct and crosses the threshold to find out who—or what—is hiding within.

Al volver de la escuela, Candela siempre pasa por delante de la casa de la enredadera. Candela siempre ha pasado de largo, temerosa y acelerando el paso, pero hoy le ha llamado la atención un detalle inquietante: la puerta cristalera del balcón del primer piso estaba entreabierta. Y por si fuera poco, también le ha parecido oír un susurro. ¿Hay alguien en la casa?


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