Libros de Seda Presents E-Catalog 2017

 "Libros de Seda" is specialized in romatic and erotic books. This publisher offers a quality product that covers the high demand of this type of narrative in the Spanish and Latinamerican Markets.

Herder Editorial Presents a Catalog of Religious Books

 Herder Editorial is an independent Spanish publisher based in Barcelona with more than a hundred years of experience. This publisher has a large inventory of titles in Humanities, Religion and Education.

Ediciones Encuentro Literature Catalog 2017

 Ediciones Encuentro, founded in Madrid (May 1978) has extensive editorial experience and expertise in the fields of philosophy, theology, art, literature, essays, biography, science and much more.

Páginas de Espuma Bulletin #118

 See all new releases for the month of May, 2017

Anaya New Releases June-July, 2017

 Learn more about Anaya's latest bulletin of June-July, 2017

Children's New Releases from Editorial Edelvives

 Editorial Group Edelvives was founded more than 125 years ago and it has crossed international borders. This small publishing house was created in Catalonia at the end of the nineteenth century and they have now offices in Argentina and Mexico.

Apila Ediciones New Releases for Children

 Apila Ediciones was born in 2007 at the heart of Zaragoza's School of Art with the help of several teachers. It is dedicated to publish illustrated children albums.

Algar Editorial Collections

 Algar is a publishing house specialized in children's and young adult's literature. Their goal is to encourage the reading of quality books.

Editorial Acanto New Releases

 Editorial Acanto has been publishing illustrated practical books for more than twenty five years. It offers a wide range of topics that meet the needs of all readers.

Plataforma Editorial New Releases 2017

 Plataforma Editorial is an independent publisher that prints books that will encourage the readers to read more. The new titles cover current issues, written with clarity, seriousness and veracity and are intended to respect the reader's time and intelligence

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