New Releases from Ediciones Cristiandad

 Get to know the latest books from Ediciones Cristiandad on spirituality, science, faith, the Bible, ancient and medieval Christian literature, family, education and much more ...

Editorial Ciudad Nueva Presents the 2016-2017 Catalog

 Editorial Ciudad Nueva is inspired by the spirituality of Unity and promotes the dialogue among people. It also offers a positive and hopeful look at the world events.

Anaya ELE E-Catalog

 Get to know Anaya's educational books to teach Spanish as a second language.

Grupo Anaya New Releases February 2017

 Learn more about Anaya's latest bulletin of February, 2017

Editorial Planeta Mexicana

 Spanish language publications available through Perseus Distribution.

Digitalia Hispánica Newsletter

 Get to know Digitalia New Publishers: Páginas de Espuma, Castalia Ediciones, and more

Grupo Anaya New Releases January, 2017

 Learn more about Grupo Anaya's' New Releases January, 2017

Turner Publicaciones

 Publishing house dedicated to sale and publish books. They also offer publishing services. Catalog and sale online.

Trotta Editorial New Releases

 Spanish publishing house based in Madrid that began its activity in October 1990. Trotta Editorial is focused on scientific-technical books in the field of social sciences. It was granted the National Prize for the Best Cultural Editorial Work in 1999

Ediciones Trea Catalog

 Founded in Gijón (Asturias-Spain) in 1991, Ediciones Trea focuses on social sciences, literature, art, humanities and much more......

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