New Releases from Editorial Galaxia Gutenberg

Galaxia Gutenberg was born in 1994 as a book distributor for "Círculo de Lectores" (Book Reading Club). By the end of 2010 the publisher is acquired by Joan Tarrida, along with a group of shareholders, and disconnects completely from "Círculo de Lectores".

Coco Books E-catalog

Children's Books that inspire creativity. Illustrations and designs have been carefully selected. Get to know more about them here.

New Releases from Editorial Los Cuatro Azules

Los Cuatro Azules is specialized in children's literature: hundreds of books for boys and girls.

New Releases Bulletin from Berkana Librería, February 2020

Get to know more about the latest new titles on Gay and Lesbian literature.

Hermida Editores General Catalog

Next November Hermida Editores will celebrate their 10th anniversary. They will also celebrate the publication of the 10th volume of The Human Comedy by Honoré de Balzac and the 5th volume of the Lichtenberg Notebooks.

Editorial Páginas de Espuma Bulletin #138, February 2020

Páginas de Espuma was founded in 2000 for the purpose of publishing works by the best contemporary authors. In recent years, they have also started publishing the complete short stories of great historic writers including Anton Chekhov, Maupassant, Edgar Allan Poe, Balzac, Pessoa, and Flaubert.

New Releases from Ediciones Alfar

Culture without borders. Ediciones Alfar was founded in 1982 by a group of people related to the cultural world. Among its founders is Manuel Díaz Vargas (chief editor until 2008).

Children New Releases from Duomo Ediciones

Duomo Ediciones was founded in Barcelona in 2009 and is part of the Mauri Spagnol Group in Italy. It brings together world-renowned contemporary fiction and nonfiction authors. Duomo publishes 30 titles a year.

New Releases from Cuento de Luz

Cuento de Luz is an independent publisher specializing in illustrated children books. Founded in 2007 by Ana Eulate in her garage, the company published its first title in April 2010. Cuento de Luz publishes their books in both English and Spanish.

New Releases Bulletin #2 from Editorial Milenio - January 29th, 202017

Editorial Milenio (Milenio Publicaciones, S.L.) was founded in 1996 by Lluís Pagés Marigot, its director. They have published since then 700 titles in Spanish distributed in twenty collections. Works of history, narrative, music, philosophy and more.

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