E-Catalog from RBA Libros - Children Books

RBA is an independent, 100% Spanish-owned communications group founded in 1991 by Ricardo Rodrigo. It has established itself in the book publishing industry, currently ranking fifth among Spanish groups.

E-Catalog from Fragmenta Editorial

Fragmenta Editorial is ian independent publishing house that publishes classic and essais. These books are intended to everyone.

New Releases from Editorial Cincotintas

Cinco Tintas is an independent publishing house founded in 2015 and based in Barcelona. It was born from the passion and enthusiasm of two siblings. Cincotintas is specialized in illustrated practical manuals.

Dibbuks General Catalog

Dibbuks has been publishing children books, albums, graphic, illustrated novels and comics for everyone since 2004.

New Releases from Editorial Ciudad Nueva

Editorial Ciudad Nueva has been inspired by the spirituality promoting the dialogue among people. It also offers a positive and hopeful look at the world events. It was founded in 1981 by "Movimiento de los Focolares"

New Releases from Ediciones Alfar

Culture without borders. Ediciones Alfar was founded in 1982 by a group of people related to the cultural world. Among its founders is Manuel Díaz Vargas (chief editor until 2008).

New Releases from Combel Editorial - Reading Together

Combel is a Spanish publisher of illustrated children's books since 1989. It is specialized in pop-up and activity books in different formats: from baby's cloth books to non-fiction series and picture books.

New Releases from Editorial Milenio, September 25, 2019

Editorial Milenio (Milenio Publicaciones, S.L.) was founded in 1996 by Lluís Pagés Marigot, its director. They have published since then 700 titles in Spanish distributed in twenty collections. Works of history, narrative, music, philosophy and more.

New Releases from Dardo Editorial

Dardo Editorial is Spanish publishing house specialized in contemporary art, architecture and design books.

New Releases September-December 2019 from Páginas de Espuma

Editorial Páginas de Espuma is an independent publisher founded in 1999 specialized in story tales. It also has a collection of Humanities.

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