IPG New Releases January 2019

IIPG is the only major distributor to have a separate Spanish-language product line with its own catalogs, and of course this program is administered by people fluent in the Spanish language.

New Releases from Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, December 2018

The Spanish-language divisions of Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial publish fiction and nonfiction books for adults and children in hardback, paperback, audio, and electronic formats through several Spanish imprints.

2018 E-Catalog from Dibbuks Ediciones

Dibbuks is a Spanish publisher specialized in comics and children books since 2004.

This month New Releases from Editorial Milenio

Editorial Milenio (Milenio Publicaciones, Ltd.) was created in 1996 by Lluís Pagès Marigot,. It has published since then 700 books divided in twenty collections.

Grupo Anaya New Releases Catalog

Ediciones Anaya was founded by Germán Sánchez Ruipérez in 1959 in Salamanca. Anaya's first publications were focused on children's education: text books, collections, ..etc. In 2016 Anaya Group agreed on a strategic alliance of co-publishing and distribution with Pearson for the teaching of English.

New Releases from Clave Intelectual

Clave Intelectual is a Spanish publisher that acts as a bridge between Europe and Latin America and the constant exchange of intelectual thinking between the two continents.

New Releases from Editorial Cinco Tintas

Cinco Tintas is an independent publishing house founded in 2015 and based in Barcelona. It was born out of the passion and enthusiasm of two siblings. CincoTintas is specialized in illustrated practical manuals.

Duomo Ediciones Children's New Releases

Duomo Ediciones was founded in Barcelona in 2009 and is part of Mauri Spagnol Group in Italy. It brings together world-renowned contemporary fiction and nonfiction authors. Duomo publishes 30 titles a year.

New Releases from Nube Ocho

NubeOcho is specialized in children's Picture Books. It is a Spanish publishing house committed to values and diversity. Its books are aimed at promoting respect for diversity.

Berkana's Bokstore Best Selling Titles, November 2018

Get to know more about the latest new titles on Gay and Lesbian literature

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