New Releases from Spanish Publisher Cuánto Te Quiero

Cuánto Te Quiero Ediciones is a Spanish publishing house based in Tarragona dedicated to the promotion of Castilian narrative. It has launched a collection named " La Cometa Narrative Collection.

New Releases from Editorial Comanegra

Comanegra Editorial is a small independent publisher founded in 2007 in Barcelona by a group of friends. Little by little the publisher has consolidated a diverse catalog .

New Releases for Children and Young Adults from Duomo Ediciones

Duomo Ediciones was founded in Barcelona in 2009 and is the first publisher from The Mauri Spagnol Group established outside of Italy. It brings together the most internationally recognized contemporary fiction and nonfiction authors.

New Releases from Editorial Ciudad Nueva

Ciudad Nueva is a Spanish publisher founded in 1981 by Focolare Movement . It's specialized on spiritual and religion books. It's publications encourage the dialogue and the spirituality of today's society.

New Releases from Arena Libros

Arena Libros is an independent Spanish publisher based in Madrid. It offers a large variety of books on Ethnography, Anthropology, Philosophy, Psychology, Narrative, Poetry and much more ....

New Releases from Ediciones Maeva

Maeva was created in 1985. It offers an extensive selection of titles from Spanish and foreign authors. It also has a wide range of books for Children and Young Adults.

2019 Children's and Young Adult's Catalog from Editorial Vicens Vives

Editorial Vicens Vives is a publisher committed to educational books and didactic materials: children books, elementary school, middle school, high school and academic education.

New Releases from Ediciones Fortuna

Ediciones Fortuna was born in September 2010 and has been specialized in children and young adult books since then. It offers a wide selection of titles by some of the most renowned publishing houses: Templar Publishing, Oxford University Press, MacMillan Publishers Limited, among others.

New Releases from "Libros de Seda"

"Libros de Seda" is specialized in romantic and erotic books. This publisher offers a quality product that covers the high demand of this type of narrative in the Spanish and Latin American Markets.

New Releases from Editorial Juventud

Editorial Juventud turned 95 years old on October 2018. It's a family business with four generations of publishers, always surrounded by an excellent team of professionals.

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