Todas las historias y un epílogo

Author: Enric González
- Non-Fiction
- RBA Libros
- ISBN: 9788490064627
- Release Date: 11-29-2012
-Reviewed by: Félix Lizárraga

Enric González, a veteran reporter for major Spanish newspaper El País, compiles in Todas las historias y un epílogo (All the Stories and An Epilogue) three previously published books chronicling his life in three of the great destination cities of the world: London, New York and Rome. Some of its reviewers in the Spanish press have called this book “a great quality travel guide.” It is much more than that –but in a way it is the thinking person’s ultimate guide to those cities.

In a conversational, informal, and always eminently readable prose, Mr. González jumps amiably from subject to subject in no particular order, managing to keep our full and undivided attention, whether he is taking about the personality of New Yorkers, where to get the best beers in London, the best ways to navigate the Italian bureaucracy, his wife’s unexpected heart surgery, or his hilarious adventures in the uninhabitable apartment he rented in Rome from the Fendi family (yes, those Fendi).

Infused with wit and an indulgent sense of humor, Todas las historias… is a veritable treat. It dishes out juicy gossip about many subjects, highly dissimilar and distant in time and space, such as the British royal family, Vinnie “The Chin” Gigante, Caravaggio, James M. Barrie, the Flatiron Building and Berlusconi. And it provides us with a living portrait of the cities and their inhabitants that no regular travel guide could even try to compete with.


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