The Firefly Spanish/English visual dictionary.

Author: Jean-Claude Corbeil, and Ariane Archambault.
- Reference
- Firefly Books
- ISBN: 9781552979518
- Release Date: 01-01-1970
-Reviewed by: Lluís Agustí

This bilingual pictorial dictionary is an extraordinary tool, which identifies more than 25,000 terms by means of thousands of detailed and precise illustrations. It is organized by topic: astronomy, geography, animal kingdom, plant kingdom, the human being, agriculture, architecture, homes, household items, gardening, home repair, dress, personal accoutrements, communications, transportation. Includes entries like the parts of a faucet in Spanish and their English equivalents, the instruments in an orchestra, the different parts of a sailboat, in short, the names of the reality in which we live, often difficult to describe solely by the words of a regular dictionary.

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