Obras escogidas

Author: San Juan de la Cruz
- Poetry / Essay
- Espasa Calpe
- ISBN: 9789684130326
- Release Date: 01-01-1970
-Reviewed by: Eduardo de Lamadrid

San Juan de la Cruz is the greatest of all the mystic poets and one of the greatest lyric poets the world has known. The humblest of men, he does not seek to describe the mystical experience itself. His rapturous spiritual joy overflows spontaneously in poetic lyricism, so that his verse does not directly state, but rather, suggests and stimulates the imagination. The bucolic simplicity of his verses conceals untold depths of significance. Works such La subida del Monte Carmelo, Noche oscura del alma, Llama de amor viva, and Cántico espiritual are masterpieces not only of Spanish, but also of world literature.

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