Campos de Níjar

Author: Juan Goytisolo.
- Non-Fiction
- Galaxia Gutenberg
- ISBN: 9788417088712
- Release Date: 01-01-1970
-Reviewed by: Lluís Agustí

New agricultural methods and tourism have greatly changed the people and the landscape of the province of Almería. Juan Goytisolo directed his socially acute eye and heart on a land whose people were prisoners of the scarcity of water and a lack of hope, a region which today has become a natural preserve. It’s incumbent on us to recall every so often that Spain only recently has ceased being a country characterized by poverty and emigration. Many changes for the good in a relatively short time have altered the essence and the image of a backward and unjust 19th century Spain which was perpetuated thanks to a long-lived dictatorship. A certain economic prosperity, a democracy not without difficulties and the opening of the country to the world are the keys to this radical change. These objectively positive changes in living standards and social freedoms, however, have produced the appearance of all manner of mountebank nouveau riches. When this happens it is good to recourse to recent social literature like Campos de Níjar in order to remember what we were until yesterday.

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