AMADO, Jorge

Amado is probably Brazil’s best-known author worldwide and the one who has had the most works translated into other languages.

Born in 1912 in the eastern city of Itabuna, in Bahía state, his first novel, El País del Carnaval, was published when he was just 18.

Amado was elected to the Brazilian Academy of Letters in 1961 and he also received honorary degrees from several universities.


His most internationally acclaimed novel, Doña Flor y sus dos maridos, was published in 1966. Amado’s literary work has been translated into 49 languages, published in 55 countries and even adapted to the cinema, theater and television.

The House of Jorge Amado Foundation was created in Salvador, Bahía in 1987 to promote the protection of his estate for research purposes.

He died in Salvador on Aug. 6, 2001.


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