Coronado Elementary launches bilingual newspaper

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Students at one local elementary school are working on writing in English and Spanish, all with the help of a newly launched bilingual newspaper. The paper is called La Prensa, which is Spanish for the press, and has every student in every classroom at Coronado Elementary channeling their inner journalist.

“I know that I’m helping and that a lot of people read it so they’re finding what I’m writing interesting and then they come and talk to me about it,” said fifth grader Cienna Mazotti.

The two-page paper is published monthly. In it, you’ll find dozens of articles written by students about what’s going on in and around the school, along with articles with special guests, like local doctors, who stopped by to talk about medicine and human anatomy.

Like any newspaper, there’s even a section called ¿Sabes Qué?, a “Did You Know” corner.

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