"Despierta con Cala," the new book by Ismael Cala, is the leading best-selling book on psychology and counseling in Spanish on Amazon

MIAMI, May 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- "Despierta con Cala," (Wake Up With Cala), the new book on life strategy by international conference presenter and speaker, Ismael Cala, climbed to the top of the rankings on Amazon, in the category of books on psychology and counseling in the Spanish language. It is also among the 20 best-selling books in Spanish.

The text, which contains reflections on awakening awareness, explores fundamental aspects of our lives in the search for balance. It is for those who believe they have a journey, for people who came into this world with the responsibility of assuming control over their decisions, life events and attitudes.
Ismael Cala will soon be presenting the book in Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Spain and Panama, among other countries.

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