The Wylie Agency boosts its presence in the Spanish-language market

Agent Cristóbal Pera added five new authors to the American agency’s growing Spanish-language catalogue. In the last six months, The Wylie Agency signed up prominent journalists Josep Massot from Spain, Mexico’s Anabel Hernández ......

and Colombia’s María Jimena Duzán, along with New York-based Spanish writer Eduardo Lago and awarded Venezuelan author Alberto Barrera Tyszka.

The exclusive listing of some two dozen writers began in 2015 when Andrew Wylie first invested in Spanish-language talent. Speaking to journalist Winston Manrique Sabogal, he summed up his reasons why: “Each author is specifically gifted, but the fact of the matter is that there are a lot of specifically gifted authors in Latin America.” He singled out literature from Cuba and Spain as showing great potential to reach a global audience.

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