Liber20 in Barcelona Moves to All-Digital for Its Program in October

Having worked, as did Frankfurter Buchmesse, to develop a physical-and-digital hybrid trade show in October, Spain’s Liber20 announces now that it, too, will have to be entirely a digital offering.

We reported in July that Spain’s Liber20 would stage a hybrid digital and physical rendition of tis  international book fair in October.

As it has happened, that program—which alternates its venue each year between Madrid and Barcelona—has had to make a decision similar to that of Frankfurter Buchmesse’s this week, moving to an all-digital evocation of its offer.

Promoted by the Federation of Publishers’ Guilds (FGEE), the Feria Internacional del Libro—which drew some 11,200 visitors and 450 exhibitors in 2019, according to the Aldus Network—is moving its dates to October 27 to 29 in an all-digital program.

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