Interview with Juan Ramon Biedma (TodoLiteratura): “A good detective novel is defined by the ability to adapt to the world it must characterize.”

Juan Ramon Biedma is one of the most prestigious writer of the noir genre in our country. He has been awarded with the most important literary accolades in Spain and recently has achieved the XXI Premio Unicaja de Novela Fernando Quiñones Award for his latest work, ....

“El sonido de tu cabello,” (The Sound Of Your Hair) the most fatally romantic of his pólice novels.

The writer from Seville has written a novel that takes place in one of the most problematic neighborhoods of his city, and perhaps in Europe.  The mutilated body of a young girl is found in the neighborhood of Las Tres Mil Viviendas (the Three Thousand Households).  Inspector Perpetua Carrizo is in charge of solving the crime, which is very similar to many of the murders committed in Ciudad Juarez (Mexico).  The author compares both cities with shocking cruelty.  A lot of the cases involving the murdered women in the Mexican city were never solved due to pólice corruption.  In Seville, everything will be done in order to solve the murders.

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