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Sales of digital books in Spanish continue on the rise. During 2019, digital book sales rose 12.5% worldwide and 12% in Spain from the year before.

This is the data from the 2019 Digital Book Report published by Libranda.  Since 2016, this digital book distributor reports the numbers of digital book sales.  According to their latest report, the legal e-book market in the Spanish language made up a total of 52.5 million Euros last year (excluding academic and text books).  Outside of Spain, these figures go down to 31,8 million Euros.  “We estimate that electronic book sales in Spanish worldwide reaches 84,3 million Euros,” as especified in the study.  However, although the trend is positive, the data indicates that e-books sales only made 5.2% of the entire market last year.  Spain, Mexico and the USA top the rank.

Therefore, Spain remains to be the principal market for Spanish language e-books in Euro amounts (62.4%), followed by Mexico (12,7%) and the United States (9.9%).  At the same time, the 2019 Annual Digital E-Book Report. shows that Peru, Colombia and Chile were the countries that experienced the most significant growth: 28%, 25%, and 21% respectively.

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