The best selling books during quarantine

The right time: What is and is not in the Spotify of books. The dramatic times we are living also come with humorous situations.

La Esfera de los Libros Publishers announced that their bestselling titles in their catalog during the quarantine months are from two writers that have crossed eachother’s lives in other arenas.  One comes as no surprise: “La memoria del Comunismo” (The Memory of Communism) by Federico Jimenez Losantos, publishing its 30th edition during quarantine, and although it is a long and expensive book, it is probably the bestseller of the publishing house.  The funny thing is that the other current bestseller in this publishing house is “La España en la que creo,” (The Spain I Believe In) by Alfonso Guerra, a book that was published a long year past and has found its readers in the Spring of Coronavirus.  Why?  Who knows.

If we look at the statistics there are even more surprises:  According to La Casa del Libro (The House of Books) the three bestselling novelists during the last two months are Javier Castillo, with his novel “La chica de nieve” (The Snow Girl), published by Suma de Letras; “Reina roja” (Red Queen), by Juan Gomez Jurado, also published by Suma de Letras, and “Un cuento perfecto” (A Perfect Story) by Elisabet Benavent from Ediciones B.  That is, two thrillers and a sample of chick-lit.  They also share common ground: all three are from Spain; all three were self-published during the early past decade.  In the non-fiction category, the list is headed by “Sapiens” by Yuval Noah Harari; “Bunker,” by Spanish rapper, Tote King, published by Blackie Books, and the forementioned Irene Vallejo’s “El Infinito es un junco” (The Infinite is Junk) by Siruela Publishers.

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