Electronic book reading increases over 30% in Spain since the start of the confinement.

A study by Nubico y Kobo for the FNAC verifies the important growth in digital reading. As a whole, reading time has increased an hour a week. The amount of books read in Spain has increased 32% since the quarantine.

Historical novels, the most popular genre, is being read nine times more than usual.  As far as digital reading, the study conducted by Nubico y Kobo for FNAC between March 6-31, shows an important increase.

Nubico is one of the digital subscription platforms operating in Spain and has informed that “since the start of the confinement, the amount of electronic books read has increased 30%” and the amount of subscribers has trippled.  Women read more in paper and digital with 65% and 35% subsequently, and their age ranges from 30 to 46 years old.  In general, e-reading has increased 140% according to FNAC, and audible books purchases increased 254%.  In the case of eReaders the increase was 119%.  The most popular reading devices in Nubico are smartphones (58.2%), followed by computers (32,5%) and tablets (9.2%).

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