TodoLiteratura interviews Fermín Bocos

"Something goes wrong", the latest novel by the writer and journalist Fermín Bocos. I have an impression that this is a novel where the bad guys win. "

Fermín Bocos was born in Santander in 1949. He is a writer and journalist. He has directed and presented various news and current affairs programs. In recent years he has been an associate professor at the Carlos III University of Madrid and is a political columnist for the Europa Press agency. In his literary production he has written novels such as The Book of Michael (1998), The Radiance of Glory (1999), The Revenge of Byron (2005) and The San Marcos Report (2009), the essays, War Technology and Censorship in the Gulf War.

He has also written the travel book Journey to the Gates of Hell (2015), a unique and surprising journey, with mythical resonances, to the hidden entrances of Hades. He has just released his latest novel. "Something is wrong".

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