Manolito Gafotas will celebrate 25 years with the series Made in Hollywood

Elvira Lindo is also working on the ninth book of the series. Manolito Gafotas came into our lives in 1994 under the Alfaguara Publishers.

Manolito brought the Madrid neighborhood of Carabanchel into thousands of Spanish homes. Many people who had only heard of Carabanchel because this is where the infamous jail is located, or from Rosendo Mercado or Santiago Segura, were able to recreate the journey from Manolito's home to Hangman's Park, ending at the Tropezón, just by closing their eyes.

Elvira Lindo’s character will turn 25 years old and will celebrate in style, with a series produced by Exile Content Studio, a genuine Hollywood-produced series. Manolito Gafotas has already had several audiovisual adaptations, two films, and a television series of 13 episodes directed by Antonio Mercero.

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