Eduardo Mendoza’s new novel, El negociado del yin y el yang, takes place in the Orient. The novel will be published this coming 29th of October.

The new novel of author Eduardo Mendoza, El negociado del yin y el yang (Seix Barral), will continue the series that began with El rey recibe, ..

and will take the protagonist Rufo Batalla to the Orient. The novel will be unveiled on October 29th. The publisher has explained that the book “covers some historical, social, and cultural moments of the 20th century in an extraordinarily clear way and with a sense of humor,” beginning with the personal vicissitudes of the protagonist in an absurd world where anything is possible.

The novel begins the spring of 1975 when the dictator Francisco Franco’s days are numbered, and the protagonist feels restless and impelled by the winds of change and hope that begin to blow through Spain, and on account of which he plans his return to Barcelona.

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