The other Generation of ‘27 and the Spanish comedians who stirred up Hollywood

The first biography of Antonio Lara, “Tono”: the least known writer and cartoonist of the group of comedians of ‘27 is published.

To mention the Generation of ‘27 is to invoke the poets who gathered for the tricentenary of the death of Luis de Góngora. Gathered at the Seville Athenaeum, they were united by their admiration for the ingenuity and depth of the works of the Golden Age. They are the ones who led an authentic literary revolution in the first half of the 20th century: Dámaso Alonso, Rafael Alberti, Jorge Guillén, Federico García Lorca, Pedro Salinas, Luis Cernuda...

Those listed above could be a standard introduction in the literature classroom. In 1983, José López Rubio dedicated his induction speech in the Royal Spanish Academy to the hidden face behind the group of poets: “The other Generation of ‘27, that of the reformers of contemporary humor.”

Eclipsed by their peers, they are the writers who were born into the middle class and sharpened Spanish comedy, inspired by the avant-garde that arrived from Europe.



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