Ángela Vallvey publishes "Breve historia de las españolas" ("A Short History of Spanish Women")

Our history is constructed every day, with the strength, audacity and hope of all its people, but many of its protagonists have been unfairly sidelined or eclipsed.

In this book, the decisive roles women have played—which to this day are still undervalued—as priestesses and warriors, child queens and lovers, scientists and humanists, actors and revolutionaries, folk artists and young millenials, are recognised. All of them forged the past and today write the present. Married and single women, witches, harlots and mad women. Feminine ideals, literary and real role models...

This is a surprising, intimate and undiscovered history of Spanish women. Full of emotion, thought-provoking nuances and forgotten episodes, it reads like a passionate novel, while helping us to think about who we are.

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