LIJ of Spain: OEPLI 2018 Selection

The OEPLI, the Spanish section of the IBBY [International Board on Books for Young People], has just published a catalogue containing the 200 most significant titles published in Castilian Spanish

Spanish and the other co-official languages of Spain. Titles are listed in five age-group categories, from Pre-Readers to Young Adult. The 200 books which comprise this 'list of honor' were selected by the four sections of the OEPLI; the Consejo General del Libro (in Castilian Spanish), ClijCat (in Catalan), Galtzagorri (Basque) and Gálix (Galician). Each of these entities has designated a prestigious group of experts in the LIJ for each language. The selection criteria were quality and readability for each of the age categories in which the collections are usually classified. All of the titles are by Spanish authors, both in terms of the text and illustrations, although international authors who are habitually resident and work in Spain are also eligible.

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