The new publishing project, Menádes Editorial, is born

Menádes is a radical feminist, philological and literary publishing project. Its roots stem from a need to make a space for forgotten, , silenced women and to allow for new female writers to find a place in the literary world, ....

as well as undertake critical, combative work together with men and women who contribute to gender studies through their literature. Menádes is a project in search of literary quality and knowledge to provide the reader with an enjoyable, enriching experience. At the new publishing house they believe that “a new world is possible, and their offerings aim to reflect this range of possibilities, which represents a horizon to advance towards, be it through literature, essays, or studies.” But they also aim for historic justice, since it is the only one possible, and to regain the voice, the cry or the whisper of those who have been left out, disregarded or undervalued on account of being female. Menádes is not just a publisher, Menádes is also a responsibility and a commitment to literature written by women. This project is devoted to giving the necessary visibility to women who were and are the owners of infinite imagination and creative power.

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