The writer and journalist Raquel de la Morena wins the Fifth Titania Romantic Novel Award with "¿Quién diablos eres?" ("Who the hell are you?)

On November 21, the author of the play "¿Quién diablos eres?" (provisional title) was announced the winner of the Fifth Titania Award.

The writer and journalist Raquel de la Morena is this year’s winner with a novel full of adventures, romance and adventures throughout time. The jury of the Award, made up by the specialist in romantic literature and bookstore owner Ana Cala, the winner of the second edition of the Titania award for romantic novel, Anna Casanovas, and Esther Sanz, the editor of Titania, have unanimously chosen this work as the winner among the hundreds that were nominated for this award. According to the publisher of the Titania label, Esther Sanz, "’¿Quién diablos eres?’ it is a romantic novel that allows the reader to plunge into time and experience many adventures. A story full of mystery that will captivate the reader from the start." In turn, the writer Anna Casanovas stressed that this "is a classic romantic novel with a paranormal element that will delight readers of the genre." The jury also decided to award the novel Ojalá siempre (provisional title) as a finalist, written by the journalist and screenwriter Alexandra Roma, highlighting that it is "a current, fresh, poetic and romantic novel that readers who are looking for a rollercoaster ride of emotions will fall in love with."

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